Art Sets You Free

I taught myself to paint watching YouTube videos. We were redecorating and I had a set of frames I needed to match the colors of my décor and I have always loved abstract art. I was so amazed that I could create something I liked. I was hooked. I tried every technique on YouTube I could find. Special thanks to all the artists who take the time to share. I am a person who loves to share as well. After 3 months of painting, I decided to have my own dinner/art, and of course wine party. I thought that if I could do it, my friends would want to do it to.

It was my first experience teaching abstract art after 3 months of learning to do it myself. My friends did not turn out to be quite as excited about it as I was, but it was a fun party.


For the next year, I painted obsessively. Trying different materials and techniques. I rented a space at a local shop. I sold a few pieces, but it was a challenge. Having people pass up and critique my creations made me question my ability. After all, I was self-taught and I had only been painting for 6 months. Then 6 months later, I closed the shop space. I continued to paint, but it took a year to gain back my confidence.


I am now at a stage where I have experimented and learned so many techniques, I want to develop my own style and approach to my paintings. It is beginning to emerge, and that is both exciting and challenging. Of course, I want more. I want to dig deeper. I am wonderfully addicted to the creative process.


I have been studying the great artists of history. Reading about their lives, their struggles and how their cutting-edge art birthed new movements in the art world.  I am discovering the great contemporary artists of today. Art that expresses cultural upheaval, trauma and human suffering moves me to think in new ways about the effect that art can have. As an artist, which now I do comfortably refer to myself as, I wonder what I can express through the art I create.


Being a human being, I of course have experienced and survived trauma. I have learned many things about life and I love the fact that learning how to navigate life’s challenges is a never-ending process. I struggle to process all this information like we all do.


So, after all this serious reflection on art, today I wake up and Pinterest has suggested a beautiful abstract piece that takes my breath away. Nothing serious about it, but for me it was just pure beauty. The vibrant colors, the depth, the shapes and they play with each other.


My conclusion for now is that art can be created just for the joy of it or to make a statement. That is the amazing thing about art. It is so free. There are no set rules. We have so many rules in our society, but with art, we can be free.